Top Colleges in Fort Lauderdale

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top colleges in fort lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale is a happening place. There is plenty to do and see. But what you might not know is how many colleges there are in Fort Lauderdale. To be exact, there are eight colleges and universities that have campuses in Fort Lauderdale. Also, Florida is a popular college destination given the weather. You’re going to need help finding the top colleges in Fort Lauderdale. Three of these colleges have their main campuses located in Fort Lauderdale. Those three colleges … Read More

3 Long Distance Moving Tips

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long distance moving tips

Moving is always stressful, but moving a long distance can be even more difficult. If you’re planning to move across the country, there are a few ways you can reduce the stress. Knowing a few long distance moving tips can make all the difference. Why Is Moving Long Distance So Hard? Moving far from home brings up a few major issues. If you move close to home, you can move your items over an extended period with repeat trips in … Read More

6 Best Brunch Spots in Fort Lauderdale

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Who does not love a good brunch? It is late enough in the day to let you sleep in. It offers all of your favorites at one meal. And it is the perfect way to fuel up for a day of activity, or to while away the time relaxing and indulging. Brunch is the perfect meal in the eyes of a lot of people. The weekend meal in Fort Lauderdale is even better for a couple of reasons. First, the … Read More

4 Popular Brunch Spots in Fort Lauderdale

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fort lauderdale brunch

Finding a Sunday brunch buffet in Fort Lauderdale isn’t hard to do. But it is hard to pick the best one. To help you decide with Fort Lauderdale brunch spot to try, take a look at these four popular brunch spots in Fort Lauderdale: 1. The Foxy Brown If you’re looking for a Fort Lauderdale brunch spot with the unique and delicious fare, look no further than the Foxy Brown. At night, it’s a gastro-pub and diner rolled into one. … Read More

5 Fun Weekend Activities in Fort Lauderdale

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Fort Lauderdale Attractions

Looking for Fort Lauderdale attractions? Perhaps you need help putting together an itinerary for your trip. If so, you are in luck. Fort Lauderdale is one of the marquee locations in Florida, and there is plenty for people of all ages to do. Whether it be a relaxing day or a busy day, you will not find yourself without what to do when you’re in Fort Lauderdale. Located on Florida’s Southeastern coast, Fort Lauderdale is home to a diverse group … Read More

Fort Lauderdale Restaurants – Options for Every Appetite

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fort lauderdale restaurants

When people think of Fort Lauderdale, they usually think of the sand, ocean, and perfect weather. After that, they might focus on the shopping and nightlife. And finally, they might think about why Fort Lauderdale is such a family-friendly community. Not to mention it’s home to many Fort Lauderdale restaurants. But one thing that often gets overlooked is how exciting and varied Fort Lauderdale restaurants are. This has always been a great place to eat out. But in recent years … Read More

Annual Florida Events in Fort Lauderdale

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florida events

There is a lot that is great about living in Fort Lauderdale. The scenery is beautiful, and the weather is perfect year round. There are tons of exciting housing options available, and the community is filled with vibrant arts, culture, business, dining, and shopping districts. But what sets the area apart is the number of exciting Florida events that happened every year in Fort Lauderdale. Some of these Florida events are designed to have broad appeal, and a huge part … Read More

Staying Fit & Active: Healthy Fort Lauderdale Hot Spots

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fort lauderdale hotspots

Year Round Beach Body Sunny beaches lined with world renowned shops and restaurants are more than plentiful in the Fort Lauderdale area, but how do you keep your year round beach body while living in paradise? Staying fit, but most importantly healthy & active, is an integral part of the Fort Lauderdale lifestyle. Especially when the average temperate is 75 degrees, year round! Having a bachelor’s degree in health science and nutrition, staying healthy has always been a top priority … Read More

Broadstone Harbor Beach

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broadstone Harbor Beach

Broadstone Harbor Beach-Fort Lauderdale’s Hottest New Development- Now Leasing Being a Realtor that specializes in relocations to the Fort Lauderdale area, I can tell you one requirement that I hear over and over again – ‘I want to live close to the beach.’ Luckily within the downtown radius of Fort Lauderdale, most areas are a very short trip from being on the world renowned white sandy beaches. However, when it comes to real estate closer to the water, finding a … Read More

Fort Lauderdale Restaurant of the Month

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fort lauderdale homes

Tucked away, close to many Fort Lauderdale Homes, on the Intracoastal is where you will find one of the best-kept local secrets of Fort Lauderdale. Opened since the early 70’s, Southport Raw Bar has become a staple of Fort Lauderdale with the locals, and tourists that are lucky enough to find this little slice of raw bar paradise. Sitting out on the back deck overlooking the water, with live music and a cold drink in your hand- you’ll feel like … Read More