Annual Florida Events in Fort Lauderdale

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There is a lot that is great about living in Fort Lauderdale. The scenery is beautiful, and the weather is perfect year round. There are tons of exciting housing options available, and the community is filled with vibrant arts, culture, business, dining, and shopping districts. But what sets the area apart is the number of exciting Florida events that happened every year in Fort Lauderdale.

Some of these Florida events are designed to have broad appeal, and a huge part of the Fort Lauderdale community, as well as visitors from far and wide, attend. Other events that happen every year cater to a very specific audience and allow enthusiasts to gather in the area to share in their passions. In all cases, the Florida events that happen in Fort Lauderdale every year make a great place even better. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Las Olas Arts Festival – The annual event in early January takes place in the vibrant center of Fort Lauderdale and shows off the works of some of the best local, regional, and national artists. There are lots to see, and most works are available for purchase. There is also food and refreshments on site to make a day filled with art fun for the whole family.
  • Fort Lauderdale Orchid Show – This is one of the most popular Florida events for flower lovers generally and orchid enthusiasts. Taking place every year in mid-January, this event features a lot of actual orchids, but also tons of information and activities based on these singular flowers and their unique cultivation.
  • Sistruck Parade and Festival – This festive parade and action-packed festival celebrate the contributions of people of African descent to Florida and the nation as a whole. There are way too many things to see, do, taste, and try even to begin to list them all. That is why this has become one of the most popular and distinct Florida events that Fort Lauderdale has to offer.
  • Wine and Culinary Celebration – Food and drink are a feature of most events, but at this one, they are front and center. Towards the end of March every year, gourmands from Fort Lauderdale and beyond gather together to sample exciting wines and exceptional dishes from premier chefs.
  • Delray Affair – This is a standout on any list of annual Florida events since it is the largest arts and crafts festival in all of Southeast Florida. Happening every year in early April, the event attracts hundreds of artists from all around the world who are eager to show off their art, discuss their work, and offer one-of-a-kind items for sale.
  • Lauderdale Air Show – The skies over Fort Lauderdale fill with some of the world’s most impressive aircraft every year in early May. This is one of the most popular Florida events with families since it offers an experience that can’t be found anywhere else in any other form.
  • Family Fun Week – For an entire week in late June, businesses all over Fort Lauderdale focus on offering fun, entertainment, and attractions to local families. You might watch a favorite film in a park, go on a scavenger hunt through your neighborhood, and go dance on the beach to live music – all in one day.
  • Fourth of July Spectacular – No list of Florida events is complete without mentioning the Fourth of July celebration that happens in Fort Lauderdale each year. Free activities happen throughout the day including concerts, games, and activities. And at night the sky fills up with one of the most spectacular fireworks displays the state as to offer.
  • Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show – Seacraft of all kinds flock to the water around Fort Lauderdale in late October. Viewers have a chance to check out boats of all sizes and styles, from the fastest to the most luxurious. They can also take part in a bunch of boat-themed activities that are suitable for all ages.
  • Delray Beach Christmas Tree – One of the premier Florida events to happen in or around Fort Lauderdale is the lighting of the most spectacular Christmas tree you are likely to ever see. It is adorned with over 15,000 lights and has an 18-foot star at the top. The tree is lit up in early December and afterwards is surrounded by Christmas-related sights, sounds, and activities through the holiday.

This list of Florida events that happen in Fort Lauderdale year after year is far from complete. The truth is that exciting and interesting events happen week after week, month after month, year after year all over Fort Lauderdale. That is why this is such an easy place to live and love all that the area has to offer. If you are eager to move to Fort Lauderdale and attend great Florida events, get in touch with the team at The Real Estate Shoppe by calling 954-210-7014.

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