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Palm Beach Luxury Real Estate If your sitting behind your computer right now thinking about a vibrant city lined beach; what it would be like to live in one of the most sought out cities in America (a city that is boasting over 14 million visitors a year!), you may be thinking about making the move to Fort Lauderdale, FL. Quite some time ago I remember when I was finally ready to make my dream a reality. One thing that I felt was the biggest challenge while making the transition (sight unseen, at best) was the lack of actually how the city was laid out; where to get the best value for your money and to choose the right area for the lifestyle that you are wanting to maintain. Where is a good area to live, especially living alone, I wanted to make sure I was securing the right home. I found it challenging, time consuming, and a little exhausting to say the least. This is where finding the properly skilled Real Estate agent gives you all the advantages. I have spent years pin pointing some of the hottest areas in town, and following all the market trends as well as the upcoming construction that is still in the process of being planned. Whether you are looking for a high end luxury rental, a home to own, or property to invest in.. why take risks when you can have a professional that is working around the clock to ensure that you are making the right move. With an extensive background in property management for over 8 years with tasks ranging from representing private owners in magistrate court or finding clients the perfect home at some of the most high end lease up properties in the area, I have always been very keen on the logistics of treating your clients needs as if they were your own, putting in the extra effort and the personal touches to make a place not just a new home, but a new lifestyle to enjoy. There are some pretty misleading information online- from generating a google search on rental properties or relying on Zillow, I believe there is not fast track answer without being presented the correct and accurate information. There are amazing luxury buildings (some of which I have lived in personally, most of which I have placed clients or know friends that choose to live there) and they get a few bad reviews here and there online from one upset client – or a Zillow posting for an apartment home that has been rented for over a year and hundreds of dollars under market price per month but has not been removed- but how can you weed that out the truth? You can’t, without being presented with the proper information or feedback from actual clients. It has been a by-product of the extensive knowledge & expertise I have zoned into too, along with my love for this area, that has turned into a passion. My passion is driven to help others and ensure that my clients are presented with the correct knowledge of the real estate market in this area. But it doesn’t just stop at real estate. So you received that new job offer that lands you in sunny South Florida ( congratulations! ) but you aren’t sure where to start with the search. What area of town may suite you best? You want to make sure you are in the best-rated area for your children’s school, or you may need a dog sitter for your furry friend. What about the best coffee house situated in a little hidden tropical get away that typically is hidden from plain site. But before we start sipping on some of the finest single brewed coffee or a hand crafted cocktail, you may want some information for the most reliable movers along with the cell phone number of one of the best interior decorators in the area. Or maybe you are looking to furnish your new place on a budget, with free & same day delivery*- I have you covered. When you decide to work with me as your luxury real estate agent, you aren’t just signing a piece of paper and picking up keys. You have a professional realtor that is familiar with moving from out of town, how stressful it can be, and answers to all of your questions. And if I don’t have the answer- I will find out for you.

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